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Candy and Sylvia Laurent and their common boyfriend in the feet fetish love scene


Sylvia Laurent and Candy smooch on a bed while Nick Lang watches from the side. This is the situation as our set opens. Sylvia undoes Candys strappy sandals and sucks her toes, and also licks the heel of her shoe. While Sylvia enjoys Candys digits, Nick enters the action and kisses Sylvias own shoe while jacking his cock. Soon Sylvia is licking Candys pussy while footjobbing Nicks prick. So much action is going on so quickly in this whirlwind threesome that you almost need a sexual scorecard to keep track of whos doing what to whom when!Sylvia jacks Nicks meat between her shoes. Then Nick sucks her toes while Sylvia splays her toes widely apart. Next Sylvia sucks Nicks cock while sitting on Candys face. Candy thrusts her naked soles at the camera so we can imagine sliding into the scene and participating. Sylvia lifts up her feet and strokes Nicks rod, while Candy sticks her toe into Sylvias slit. Sylvia licks Candys pussy while Nick fucks Sylvia doggie style. Then Candy gets down on the floor and lets Nick and Sylvia fuck for awhile, and so Candy can show us how she can twist her leg upward so she can lick her own foot. When she gets back on the bed, Sylvia licks Candy’s foot while Nick fucks Sylvia with HIS toes. Finally Sylvia jacks off Nick so he sprays a big load all over Candys soles, which Sylvia then gleefully licks up. See what I mean about a whirlwind? Check out this set and savor all the action!

Date: December 15, 2018