The captains of two soccer teams Samantha Bentley and Tegan Jane have common interests

Posing in the uniforms of the teams of England and France are a couple of newcomers to our site brunette Samantha Bentley and blonde Tegan Jane helping us salute the UEFA Euro 2012 soccer championships now happening in Ukraine and Poland! They also manage to get themselves–as US!–horny in the process. Samantha wears the French uniform and Tegan the British as they briefly mix it up with the ball, but then quickly succumb to each others charms on the turf. Sultry Samantha (whos also a talented singer–read more about her on leans back as Tegan passionately kisses her neck, and then the blonde unveils two mouthwatering breasts for Sam to suck. But the focus quickly shifts to legs and feet as Miss Bentley takes off Tegans shoes, sniffs them, and then rubs her peds in the white athletic socks. Tegan reciprocates, taking off Sams shoes and kissing her feet through the blue knee socks.Soon the socks come off for barefoot worship. Samantha licks Tegans hot pink polished toes and lathes her naked soles. Then she pulls of Tegans other sock and inhales deeply of the aromas, before leaning back in the grass and making love to the blondes foot while she takes her own foot and rubs it between Tegans titties. Tegan licks Samanthas feet too, and then the gals press their soles together and form an arch that an obedient little doggie could jump through! Would you like to be a doggie for these two soccer sweeties? We sure would!! Its only one of the fantasies you can enjoy when you check out their high resolution pix and full HD video. Soon they get their shorts off and are licking pussy while letting us admire their bare toes and asses in the grass.

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